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    VMware Releases New iPad Client for VMware View

    View Client for iPadVMware has announced the release of a new View Client for iPad! This is something I know that many Enterprises have been watching for, as the demand for iPad support in the Enterprise has been steadily increasing!

    The new VMware iPad client for View includes full support of the PCoIP protocol. It works over both WiFi and over 3G. It is also integrated with the new View 4.6 Security Server, which allows for secure access of corporate data.

    Dr. Stephen Herrod, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of R&D announced the new client in his CTO Blog on VMware’s web site.

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    10 Things You Can Do With Virtual Computing (Personally)

    We think of the benefits of virtualization in the Enterprise. But there are personal things that can be better virtually, as well! In the article I link to here, writer Keir Thomas, from PC World gives us some neat ideas!

    10 Cool Things Virtualization Lets You Do

    “Virtualization isn’t just for geeks or those who run enormously powerful servers. It offers something for everybody, and if you haven’t yet dipped your toe into the virtualization ocean, then you’re at serious risk of being left behind.

    In its strictest sense, virtualization refers to running two or more operating systems one one physical PC. Either the multiple operating systems run side-by-side, with a separate piece of software called a hypervisor used to manage them, or one operating system runs the other operating systems within program windows. The former is usually limited to servers, with the latter finding common use on desktop computers.”

    Here’s his list:

    1. Run Old Apps
    2. Access Virus-Infected Data
    3. Browse in Complete Safety
    4. Test Software, Upgrades, or New Configurations
    5. Run Linux on Top of Windows (or vice-versa)
    6. Back Up an Entire Operating System
    7. Create a Personal Cloud Computer
    8. Run Headless For Web Development
    9. Make a Backup of Your Server For Emergencies
    10. Reuse Old Hardware

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    The iPad 2 is Here! Are You Ready for the User Demand?

    Well, the iPad 2 was launched with much hoopla this week. What do you think of the iPad as a platform? I submit that it doesn’t matter what YOU think! Your users think it is awesome, and they want it! They want the Enterprise applications at YOUR office to run on the iPad, and other tablet computers! But, Dr. Bill, they simply WON’T run in that environment! Yeah, I know, but that doesn’t, and won’t stop the user demand in the Enterprise for their apps to run on the tablet, whatever “favor” they have, or want!

    So, what is a System Admin to do? You KNOW that management will say, Let them have the tablets!” Yep, sooner or later! So, enter application virtualization! Whether it is through VMware View and ThinApp, or Citrix XenDesktop, sooner or later, you will HAVE to provide a means to use those Enterprise applications in the tablet arena!

    So, start researching, planning and looking into these new tech areas… because that day will come (truth be told, it is here!) We hope to be one of your main resources for this type of tech, so stay tuned!

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  • The Virtual World

    Welcome to Our New Venture!

    Welcome to the first post, of our new, on-line magazine, VirtZine, The On-Line Magazine of Virtualization and Cloud Computing! Our mandate is to cover the virtual world! Whether it is VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, the Open Source world… if it touches “The Cloud” it is open season for VirtZine!

    Hang in there! More to come soon!

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