Citrix Acquires Sanbolic

The Virtual World
Citrix adds storage to their portfolio. Citrix snaps up Sanbolic to ease desktop virtualization GigaOm - By: Barb Darrow - "Citrix, which has led the charge for desktop virtualization, just acquired Sanbolic to help bleed out the complexity and cost that have kept virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) from broader adoption. Terms were not announced. Desktop virtualization separates what runs on a computer desktop from the physical computer itself so management, updates and patches can be more easily accomplished by a central administrator. Sanbolic, of Waltham, Mass., specializes in software defined storage which works with a wide array of existing storage hardware. It was already a close Citrix partner; Citrix said 200 of its existing XenDesktop XenApp customers already use Sanbolic in house to attain high-availability and to manage infrastructure across…
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Fedora 21 Looks Cool for Cloud Users

Product News
Cloud developers will love this new Fedora! 6 new things Fedora 21 brings to the open source cloud - By: Jason Baker - "When Fedora 21 finally hit release last month, I was excited and ready to go. By the end of the day, I had every desktop machine I own up and running on the new version, and I was enjoying playing with the latest version of some of my favorite open source software which was packaged inside. But what next? The desktop edition of Fedora 21 was just one of three “flavors” of Fedora. What do the other two hold, and what do they mean for Fedora outside of the workstation? A flavor just for cloud So what is this flavor thing? For the newest release, the…
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